Client's Karen and Bob's Story:

Clients Bob and Karen are a couple that were getting ready to retire.

Like many, they had questions and contacted us before starting their retirement.

Their biggest fears and concerns were:

#1. How to avoid losing retirement investment money before and after they retire.

#2. How do they protect their retirement income when the market becomes volatile?

This is Bob and Karens' story.

Bob and Karen felt confident about how much they saved for retirement.

They reached their magic savings number and were all set to retire.

Bob and Karen have lived long enough to understand market swings that can happen on Wall Street.

They lived through both up and down markets and based on their experiences, they did not want to go through what other people experienced back in 2000 and 2002 where the market fell 43% or 2008-2009 where the market fell 37%.

Just like today, the economy looked great all prior to a major recession that no one saw coming.

And just like today, their friends, family and people around them looked forward to a comfortable retirement.

They all planned to withdraw an annual fixed dollar amount from their retirement savings, for each year they were retired.

Many felt that their market income combined with their Social Security and Pension income would give them a great retirement.

Everyone thought that they would never have to worry about running out of money during their retirement years!

Then while still working and before leaving their jobs, the recession hit.

The market suddenly started to drop! Their friends, family and co-workers watched as their statement balances fall to half of what they were. Many referred to their 401k as a 201k!

They had no choice but to either retire with less money or work for longer and many could not do that.

Bob and Karen did not want that same experience, they did not want to retire with less or continue working for another ten years before the market came back.

They also did not want to find themselves fully retired and counting on the market for their income.

What many don't realize is that counting on the market for their retirement income could wind up being a poor choice.

Here’s why:

As the stock prices fall in value, Bob and Karen would be forced to sell their securities at lower prices to maintain the fixed dollar amount of income they needed to support their lifestyle.

Basically, to get the same amount each year they would have to either sell more securities at a lower price which would deplete their savings faster. OR

They would have to settle on taking a lesser dollar amount of income and lower their standard of living.

Bob and Karen said it would be too stressful to be retired and watch their lifestyle go down, with their balances.

When you're retired your goal should be less financial stress not more!

They wanted a plan where their balances would be protected, and their income would be guaranteed to be there when they need it.

Thankfully, we were able to help Bob and Karen avoid this entire mess!

We tell our clients that planning should be about You and not Us!

So, the first thing we did was write down a list of Bob and Karens' goals!

We then graded each goal from 1-5 for its importance to Bob and Karen.

Next, we focused on all their income sources like Pensions and Social Security

We listed them in our proprietary “Income for Life Single Page Report” Software!

What was really great, is that while we were listing their income sources,

We discovered that Karen had Social Security benefits coming to her that she did not know about.

This alone added a significant boost to their retirement income.

This is also another reason why we always prepare an “Income for Life Single Page Report” for our clients.

It’s a Free Report that compares income against living expenses.

It tells you at a glance, if you will be able to keep your present lifestyle and maintain your standard of living for each year life throughout all your retirement years!

It puts you in control of your future.

Next, we built a plan to secure a portion of their retirement savings, keeping some of it invested in the market

And redirecting some of it into safer assets that protect their balances from the market which helped them achieve their goals.

These assets have the option to secure a guaranteed income stream.

Sort of like a paycheck for life that they could not outlive!

Bob and Karen learned that with a few minor tweaks, that the fears and concerns they had were no longer a threat to their happiness.

They learned that retirement does not have to be scary, instead it could be a fun and exciting time in their life!

With our plan in place, they went ahead and retired with confidence in their future.

Of course, great things start with a simple conversation, it’s impossible to know what your results will be without first discussing your goals

And building your own personal “Income for Life Single Page Report”.

Just like Bob and Karen you can get your own Personal “Income for Life Single Page Report”

Just contact us or book a meeting Click below to get started!

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